Spend up to $7 million more per year on city tree-planting, for a total of $14 million by 2019, and have the city and other groups plant a total of 3.8 million trees over 10 years.

May 2017

2017 Parks, Forestry and Recreation Operating Budget

City of Toronto May 26, 2017

City Council approve a 2017 grant allocation of $1.010 million to the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, funded from the 2017 Parks, Forestry and Recreation Operating Budget.

Jul 2015

Living on tree-lined streets has health benefits, study finds

The Star July 13, 2015

Last year, while of the campaign trail, Mayor John Tory (open John Tory's policard) pledged to see 3.8 million trees planted over the next decade. The city has planted about 40,000 trees since he was sworn in as mayor in December.